Styled Shoots: What You Need To Know Before You Commit...

On The Fence About Styled Shoots?!

So you've recently been approached to join an upcoming styled wedding shoot event. Perhaps you are a new wedding venue or professional who would love to be a part of the creative process of planning a wedding day. Or maybe you are a bit more seasoned but in need of updated photos for your website or social media. This is where joining a styled wedding shoot can benefit you, but what is it? What does it involve? What expenses and/or responsibilities should you expect? And what exactly do you get out of it?


A styled shoot is like a mock mini wedding (minus the guests of course). It is a portfolio building and networking opportunity for wedding professionals and venues alike. Together we will choose an event date and create an inspiration board (as pictured above) with a specific color palette and/or theme for the event. Typically,  for a styled wedding shoot event, we will need a venue, an event planner, photographers, a florist, a stationery designer, cake artist, furniture rentals,  jewelry designers or distributors, bridal shop, tux rentals, hair stylists, makeup artists, and of course models (both females and males).  Since this collaboration is meant to benefit everyone involved, we do ask participants to donate their time and talent to bring the event's inspiration to life; however, there are some basic guarantees we want to meet to make this worth your while.   


First and foremost, each participant will be required to sign a contract that includes the participant's responsibilities, general liability, model release, and more. This will ensure that each participant will receive a minimum number of images along with the rights to use the images on their website and/or social media. We also ask all participants of a styled shoot event to use the pre-designed social media taglist when sharing images and/or behind the scenes of the event on their social media. This allows everyone to be credited for their work and also helps us all network with each other. As the lead photographer, I will deliver a  gallery with a minimum of 50 images. Time permitting we will also offer headshots for participants so be sure to come in hair and makeup if interested. Below you will find a gallery we delivered after a recent styled shoot event. 


We hope that you enjoy browsing through our photos and we look forward to working with you on our next project. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at or on Facebook or Instagram.




Big Hugs & Lots of Love,